The infamous GTA 6 clickbait king “Serandoe” must be stopped, claims YouTuber “GreatnessTV”.

Sernadoe has built up a huge YouTube subscriber base of over 2 million fans via his weekly GTA 5 videos. His content style has however recently started to negatively ruffle a few feathers.

With the steady decline of GTA 5 videos in full effect, GTA YouTuber’s have been left to fend for themselves and some have turned to extreme tactics in order to maintain their usual viewership.

In the case of Serandoe, he has adopted a GTA 6 heavy styled lineup in order to keep his fans saturated with new and fresh GTA content. The problem however is that GTA 6 hasn’t been announced yet, therefore meaning there isn’t any news, screenshots or information of any sorts to report on.

So what exactly is Sernaode talking about?

Well, this is where it gets interesting. He’s not really talking about anything, for the most part he creates a flashy looking GTA 6 clickbait thumbnail and proceeds to natter on about fictitious news for 10+ minutes. He has also recently claimed that “Rockstar sent him GTA 6 early” and proceeded to show the “cover” of GTA 6 to the screen. Interesting stuff for sure!

Catch the best of the infamous Serandoe below!



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